The Goal

A national movement in urban and community forestry can’t happen overnight. It was crucial that everyone aligned on the importance of urban forestry to start planting the roots for success. Further, people would need to understand what they could do to integrate urban forest systems into their unique communities and infrastructure. But before any of this could happen, we didn’t need to talk. We needed to listen.


In September 2023, we launched the initiative with the goal of doing just that. We began the first in a series of five workshops that included participants from seven demographic groups representing under-resourced communities. We began the work to address historical disparities in access to green spaces by collaborating to build tools specifically tailored to the needs of the underserved.


During these meaningful conversations, voices were heard, and insights were gathered. We are using these discussions to craft a communications toolkit to empower community-based organizations and motivate local and state governments. Using it as a guide, we will take the actions necessary to effectively expand the trees, green spaces, and nature initiatives that are centered on the unique cultures, lived experiences, and the needs of specific communities.

About the Toolkit:

Every great goal starts with a plan. We are creating the Spreading Roots toolkit so that organizations and individuals can access the resources, images, messaging, and other tools they need to create effective initiatives around urban forestry. Consider it a helpful guide to engage communities nationwide.

Communication Tools:

  • Photography
  • Illustrations
  • Logos
  • Taglines
  • Infographics
  • Social Posts
  • High-Level Mission Statements
  • Fact Sheets
  • Press Releases
  • Letter Templates
  • Emails & Newsletters


  • Explanation of Trees, Green Spaces, & Nature
  • Benefits
  • Working with Local Communities
  • Public Engagement
  • Understanding/Honoring History, Culture, Lived Experiences, etc.
  • Working with Tribal/Local/State/Federal Governments
  • Key Obstacles
    • Displacement
    • Feeling Unwelcome in Green Spaces, etc.
  • Ways to Overcome

Additional Tools:

  • Technical Assistance
  • Resources
  • Case Studies
  • Best Practices